Supplying Files:

Your document setup

Please supply files with 3mm bleed, and ideally a 4mm ‘safe zone’ from the edge of the page where possible with no trim marks, i.e (A4 with bleed = 216 x 303, A3 with bleed 426 x 303) If in doubt please call.


Image size

You will get the best results by providing us with image files (pictures and graphics) of 300dpi, at the size at which they appear in your document. However smaller files can work and, unlike with conventional printing, reasonable results can be achieved with lower resolution images. If in doubt, please consult our free advice line on 01392 426464.

Image File types

There are a large number of image file types supported by Exe Valley Dataset. These include TIF, JPEG, EPS and BMP (please take note of our file resolution notes above). Images can be saved as either CMYK or RGB. We recommend CMYK where a choice exists.


Although we have a very extensive font library for both PC and MAC, it is still always wise to include both the printer and screen fonts with your job.

If you are providing your file in Adobe Acrobat PDF format then please ensure that you have distilled your file selecting the option to ‘embed’ all fonts. When this is the case you do not need to supply the font to us in addition to this file.

Software packages

Our digital printing service does not use films or plates and so does not rely on separating your artwork into the usual process colour CMYK, or at least not in the conventional sense. We can therefore work with a far wider range of software packages than is practical for conventional colour printing. In most cases all of the following packages will provide good results, as long as you have followed the other advice in Supplying Files. Both the PC and MAC versions of these packages will work equally as well:

Adobe Acrobat PDF (this is our preferred package with your fonts embedded)

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Macromedia Freehand

Microsoft  Word

Microsoft Excel

Quark Xpress

All other packages, please check by calling our free advice line on 01392 426464 or by emailing

How to plan up your artwork

If you happen to be producing artwork for an item that you believe will be printed several up on the page, then we normally still ask you to provide the file just one up. An example of this would be if you are producing artwork for a business card or postcard. Even though several of the item will fit on one page A4 or A3, please nonetheless set your file just “one up”. We will carry out the imposition for you before we produce your printing.

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